The result is an industrial style concrete effect created in full-body porcelain stoneware, in which every piece is different as small multicolour grains appear almost randomly on the surface, as well as flakes in a range of medium light to medium dark tones in relation to the background colour. There are four background colours: dark grey, grey, white and greige. Overcome, in its natural finish, is available in 120×120 cm, 60×120 cm, 60×60 cm and 30×60 cm formats, and is completed by two original decorative background proposals: Map Red, a stylised metropolitan map-like grid of geometrical elements focused on the colour red, and Letters, a design focused on letters where the graphics are random but the words are carefully selected.

5 Format

120x120cm, 60x120cm, 60x60cm, 30x60cm, 30x30cm.

4 Colors

Dark grey, Grey, White, Greige.



Why choose OVERCOME


A seal to guarantee all Leonardo technical products produced exclusively by blending first rate raw materials, without any digital decoration on the surface.


The LLL version – Levigata Lucidata Lux (bright, honed and polished) can be restored to remove signs on the surface due to years of use.


For demanding professionals constantly on the look out for the balance between aesthetics and performance.

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